Mission - Vision


MIND's mission is to innovate through efficient and effective services and processes, with the objective of:

  • Helping our customers to increase their competitiveness.
  • Helping our colleagues to build a prosperous and dignified life.
  • Working together with our suppliers to achieve a relationship thriving business.


In MIND, we tirelessly seek to help our customers to increase their competitiveness by helping them to meet your specifications and quality standards.


In MIND we work with dedication and perseverance. We continually seek perfection.

In MIND we enjoy establishing challenging but achievable goals and to develop plans to reach each of these goals.

In MIND we value quality, creativity and individual development.

We seek that everyone enjoys their work, that everyone has a personal development and that everyone makes new and interesting activities.

In MIND it is important that we all support each other and influence positively and proactively in each other´s work in order to build positive results for the company.

MIND has a number one priority, to build interpersonal relationships. All we seek to be professional, friendly, sensible and receptive to the needs of our customers, our working group.