Coordinate machines

MIND - coordinate machines

MIND has a business division whose purpose is to support companies that have coordinate measuring machines (CMM's).

The operation is supported by experts in the area of CMM´s service and application.

We offer the following services for CMM's:

  • Troubleshooting: Identification or diagnosis of a problem in your CMM or within the systems (computers) connected to it.
  • Corrective maintenance: CMM failure repair. We repair problems that limit CMM performance or that precludes its normal operation.
  • Preventive maintenance: Detection of potential failures and/or performance problems on the CMM´s computer by testing and making periodic and programmed adjustments.
  • Calibration of CMM's: We are an ISO/IEC 17025 accredited organization with over 10 years of experience. We equal or exceed the quality standards of the CMM manufacturer.
  • Ranging: Now you can have the best service in remote troubleshooting with an excellent response time. Hire our annual service and check the benefits associated with having a professional service at a distance as if the service engineer was in front of your CMM.
  • Accessories and parts sale: We offer you competitive prices and short delivery times in any CMM part and accessories.
  • Retrofits and engineering projects: Together with our clients we evaluate improvement projects and updates to their installed equipment.

CMM Specialists

  • Experience: We consider ourselves experts in what we do; we have been trained by the manufacturer of the CMM's.
  • Customer and market knowledge: For over 15 years we have learned from our customers what they expect from us and what we can do to enhance their service experience.
  • Service attitude: It is not useful knowing what to do if you are not willing to do it.
  • Loyal customers: Over the years we have developed strong links with companies and individuals who have seen us work and trust us.

From now on when you think CMM's, think in MIND!